Worshiping Together

It is important that we reopen our church for public worship safely, and with grace and love for one another. No one’s faith will be called into question if they choose to stay home or if they come to the worship services on Sunday mornings. We must treat one another with self-emptying love, and give one another grace. The COVID 19 Virus has changed things for us all. So let’s treat one another the way we would want to be treated. If we are ill or have been in contact with someone who has the virus it is the loving thing to do to stay home and watch the online service.

Points of Interest for the Body at Cedar Grove for Worshiping Together:
A) We ask that you observe social distancing guidelines, beyond your family unit. We ask that you wear a mask, especially while singing. And, we ask that you visit with one another outside.
B) Please enter and exit using the lower doors of the Life Center and the back, double doors.
C) The lower level of the church will be open, except for the children’s wing; it will be closed off. The upstairs will be closed off as well.
D) Live worship will be in the Life Center. Live streaming will be in the Fellowship Hall for families with small children and nursing mothers. Amber will have a lesson for the children.
E) Live streaming of the service will still be available for those who wish to stay at home.
F) Please stay at home if you are sick or are uncomfortable with worshiping together.
G) The water fountains will be unavailable. Please bring your own water for drinking and hand sanitizer. There will be a limited number of masks available, if you don’t have one to wear.
H) Per CDC guidelines, the Corona virus dies on surfaces after 48 hours.

Look for our virtual service below!