Senior Adult Ministries (SAM)

We would like to invite anyone 65 years of age and older to come and be a part of our SAMs (Senior Adult Ministries). We always have a good time of fellowship, being with each other doing the different activities. It is all about being together socializing, exploring new places and just a change in our normal routines. A change of scenery and routine is healthy for us and we feel better when we do go back to our routines. It is a good time to get to meet and learn to know new people that can become future friends.

We are here to provide activities and fellowship to for those 65 years of age and older. Those of you who are 65 years of age and up or retired are our target group. We the SAMs Advisory team ask the church board to budget funds specifically targeting those who are living on fixed incomes and no longer have earning potential. If you are a younger senior adult already attending and enjoying our group we want you to continue to be a part but we ask that you would help us. For example, walk beside someone who is slower and could be a potential fall risk.

We work at staying in touch and if someone isn’t feeling well, is discouraged, or has a need we send cards, make calls and if needed let deacons and the pastor know so they can be helpful to them. We do not want anyone to feel along when they are going through a loss of a loved one or any difficult time.

If you have any questions please contact Raina Hepner at

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