Sunday School

Senior Adult Classes:

  • Growing Christians: Calling, Character, Conviction—Lessons on Leadership in the Historical Books; Room 212; Teachers: Gary Lauver and Joann Weiand
  • Christ Ambassadors: The Sermon on the Mount and A Charge to Keep—1 Timothy; Room 306; Teachers: Raina Hepner and Gary Krabill

Mixed Adult Classes:

  • Friends and Family: The Book of Proverbs; Chapel; Teacher: Barb Willow
  • Dynamic Disciples: Applying the Bible to Your Everyday Life; Fellowship Hall; Teacher: Merv Yoder

Special Needs Class: Sunshine Class: Room 211; Teachers: Crissy Campagna, Joyce Rickenbaugh, Angi Shellenberger

Young Marrieds (10 years or less): Healthy Marriage; Room 305; Teachers: Al and Jeanne Ream

Youth Classes:

  • Junior High Youth: Varied Bible Lessons for Early Teen Years; Room 215; Teachers: Rusty and Donna Beitz
  • Senior High Youth: Varied Bible Lessons for Teenagers; Room 214; Teachers: Rick and Missy Paden

Children’s Classes:

  • Nursery: Room 108
  • Preschool: Room 104; Teachers—Cyndi Bitting, Jane Quirion, Riley Shertzer; Helpers—April Boaz, Tiffany Mast, Evelin Montoya, Donna Saner
  • Kindergarten–Fifth Grade: Room 112; Teacher—Phyllis Yoder; Helpers—Micaiah Bilger, Tim Fawver, Teresa Horting